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Project website is getting updated


As you probably know already, we have a website that is dedicated for NETMF projects. Current website functions fine but it is lacking some important things like version tracking.
(link removed)

So, we are remaking our project website so it is exactly what you like! In order for us to do that, we need your wish list.

Please feel free to tell us how the project website should look like and what kind of feature you want to see.


Well I can’t authoritatively speak about the project “owner” experience, I can only do so from my “novice” perspective.

Do threaded comments work?

Thinking about it, I’d possibly like a better way to discuss the project than a chain of comments. It seems like more of a “community” website than this one for instance, as it’s not just Fez focussed, it is for all the GHI platforms - so I think that you’d dilute the conversation by referring people back to the GHI forum or Fez forum depending on what platform they have, because we can all get the benefit of the conversation that way.

Versioning. It’d be great to be able to take the n-1 version if it’s a “less stable”. Or to see the historical view.

There’s just a couple of thoughts.


Search ! Get Search to work !!!

for example: search for LCD from the home screen. I can see this project listed originally (link removed), but the search says unable to locate any projects.

whats worse is that the search flag can get confisued with back/fwd searches, and can say “you’re viewing results for that keyword already”.


File naming. Downloading a file called “” doesn’t give me much of an idea what the project was, especially 3 days or 3 weeks after i downloaded it ! Make the file name contain something like the project name from the project owner.


As a woodworker and a computer guy (strange combo). I have to say, has to have about the best forum feel I have seen (even better then Channel9). Lot there, but general best items are:

  1. Projects tab. Here people post their projects and videos. Can list all, recent, etc.
  2. Blog tab. Each user has their own blog space on the site. Your own general discussions/ideas. Can see recent list of all by date, or drill down to 1 user. Your Project and Blog postings are seen by the “Pulse”.
  3. Videos tab. Just videos.
  4. Forums tab. The different forums.
  5. Pulse button. Quickly see the Pulse of all. What people are talking about, most popular at the moment.
  6. Quickly find threads you replied to. What threads did I need to look at to see replies to my questions?
  7. Great search. Can search all above.

Worth a look for ideas.