Project - Using relays from ControlAnything

Using relays from ControlAnything

This Example demonstrates how USBizi controls UADR410ProXR USB Relay with AD converters UADR410ProXR is avilable at , this company provides relay solutions with multiple interfaces such as USB, UART or ZigBee. USBizi could access the module through any of the mentioned interfaces. In this example I utilized USB host feature in USBizi to control UADR410ProXR module which is basically FTDI USB to Serial interface, or XBee Module to control ZADR4xProXR module. XBee module is access also through FTDI USB to Serial interface. So the same code works for both modules:

(UADR410ProXR<–UART–>FTDI>) <------USB bus----->(USB host<->USBizi)


(ZADR4xProXR<–UART—>ZigBee>) <------Air----->(ZigBee<—UART—>FTDI)<–USB bus–>(USB host<->USBizi)

There are several example methods to send commands to UADR410ProXR in NCD class to control the relays or to read AD converters. other commands can be easily addes with refer to UADR410ProXR Command set from user manual or in this link

A good usage of such example is to control a relay according to an analog input value in the hardware I connected a pot to change the voltage on Analog Input 1 and I control the Relay 1 according to voltage level.