Project - ThingSpeak API Client

ThingSpeak API Client

An old project moved from the old wiki.

ThingSpeak API client for FEZ Cobra and EMX. This can be ported to smaller FEZ boards (based on USBizi) with minor changes. ThingSpeak is a free online service for storing sensor data. For more information about ThingSpeak, please refer to the ThingSpeak Website.

This project implements an API client for the Cobra board (or other EMX based boards). It can not be used for the W5100 based boards because these use a different networking API.

The project is set up as a Class Library, so you can include it in your solution and use it as-is. Alternatively, you can copy parts of the code into your own project. The code is explained below. This project is based upon the NetDuino API example found on the ThingSpeak Documentation page.

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