Project - Spider-WiFi-Android- Using Android sensors

Spider-WiFi-Android- Using Android sensors

This is a sample .Net 4.2 application for the spider that receives the Android Sensor data as X,Y and Z

No expert about Android but I believe the common Sensors available are:


My Tablet only has ACCELEROMETER, MAGNETIC_FIELD, TYPE_ORIENTATION and TYPE_LIGHT so my code only uses these. The current values for the sensors are sent to the spider (As strings) upon a button press on the Android Application.

The Spider code does nothing with the values received except display the X,Y,Z values on the T35 LCD.
I was thinking that you could ‘Drive a Robot’ using the values received as the Tablet is tilted and twisted…

I hope that the sample code can get someone started.

I have a Samsung tablet and I do not have a ‘Phone’ so I have no idea if the code would work on one.

I am using Basic4Android and .NET Micro 4.2

Usage is the code sample
Have Fun!

This is a very good example. A huge +1 for a video :wink:

Dear willgeorge:

I use the Eclipse to import your android code, but got many errors.
I am use the original Android SDK and Eclipse .
I don’t know Basic4Android anymore.
Do you have pure android application code?


Where’s the video?

Tzu Hsuan

Eclipse to import your android code… Do you have pure android application code? Sorry, no I do not.

The code shown in the text file is Basic4Android code’ not java or in a form usable by Eclipse.
The text was provided only as a ‘outline’ for viewing structure and not for importing into another OS
I have Eclipse but rarely use it because I kept loosing my files for some reason. I never tried to find out why.