Project - Spider Speech using WiFi, SD, and a Kindle

Spider Speech using WiFi, SD, and a Kindle

Provided are two programs. One for the Fez Spider and one for the Kindle Android. I am using a Kindle HD 7 inch that supports speech (The Kindle App is set to portrait only)

The applications show example usage for read/write of string data to a Edit control and a List control. The Spider can simulate button presses of the buttons on the Kindle. You can speak the text content of the Edit and/or List (Entire List or by a row selected).

I provide examples for sending and receiving commands and for saving the data contained in the Edit or list to a file on a SD card. (The files are Date/Timed stamped). There is also examples of saving the GLIDE window bitmaps to the SD Card.

In order to modify the Basic4android application you would need the B4A development tool.
There is a free one but then you do not have access to the libraries. (Not trying to sell anything)

Have fun…

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Sounds interesting. Video?


@ ianlee74 -

Sorry… Gave all my video equipment to my oldest granddaughter

Yeah a video for this would be great. Even if you record it using a mobile phone :slight_smile: