Project - Solar Cooker Monitor

I just posted Solar Cooker Monitor on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Very cool!
What were those gaps in the graphs. Some adjustments in programming?

Power drop outs as I mentioned in the write up the first solar charger was pretty much drained from the day before so it dropped out a couple of times, before I figured out that I needed to switch solar power sources.

Nice! You said that season is over, but what you will be cooking next time you going to try it?

Basically solar cookers tend to work like slow cookers so just about any slow cooker or crock pot recipes will work. Had this bad boy gotten up to temp, then I was thinking a chunky meaty chilli was in order so we could use up some peppers etc.

I’m thinking that for next solar cooking season here, I’m going to kick the concept up a bit and toss in a controller for turning a table automatically to keep perfect solar alignment. I could have a lot of fun with this and easily take it to extremes of geekness. I saw some other guys built one for doing hot dogs and full points to them for taking it to the limit and then some as everything was automated and the resulting hot dogs were pretty much spot on perfect.

Solar cooking makes a lot of sense if you live somewhere sunny, use the abundant free energy (perhaps overly abundantly energy in a lot of places) and not get the house warmer then needed having to cook indoors (ie keep the air conditioning costs down).

The task now is to find a suitable one for use here in the frozen wastelands of Canada or design one myself that is suitable and yet portable. Then to trick it out big time as solar cooking fits into my minimalist objectives except when it comes to technology as you just can’t have too much technology.