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Project - SeeedStudio OLED 128x64 screen driver


I just posted SeeedStudio OLED 128x64 screen driver on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.



I have a grove oled display 128x64 that i want to connect to my cobra, i’m using SDK 4.3.6 and tried your code, but some libraries are missing… Is that possible to use oled display in this version?



After some digging i manage to change the code and now i have my groove oled saying “hello world” to me ;D
Basically i corrected some namespaces and changed these lines:

_device = _i2cBus.CreateI2CDevice(SeeedOLED_Address); // removed “0”

using G120 = GHI.Pins.G120;
i2c = new SoftwareI2CBus((Cpu.Pin)G120.P0_28, (Cpu.Pin)G120.P0_27);