Project - SD Card on Panda-II and more

I just posted SD Card on Panda-II and more on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


@ PiWi - Were you able to get the FLAC patch loaded?

I managed to get this working, but just barely in my project:

The biggest problem was lack of contiguous RAM for the buffers.

Well, it did play back when It was still active for me. But that is not really music… It chopped a lot for the same reason you mentioned. So I went back to play MP3s. And the patch is not really a patch more a plug-in that had to be loaded at every boot.

Than my bro came along suggesting to build something around the ES9018 and half a year later I had a DAC capable of playing 32 bit @ 384 sample rate, a CD is just 44.1 and 16 bits. Now that is playing music one Actualy sits down and listens to …

Now back to the mp3 player, if you have the change go for the vs1063 that has flac support on board. There is a Bob at sparkfun I believe. I have to set up a dev machine for the panda to verify it all and now I can’t find my bob for the vs1053 … Arrgghh

BTW, that is some nice piece of software, you have in your project, respect. Including RLP, wow!

Thanks PiWi, but the credit should go to @ godFather89 for his original contribution of the RLP driver. I just cleaned it up a bit.