Project - Rock band Stage kit

Rock band Stage kit

This project demonstrates how to use the Xbox Rock Band Stage Kit with Micro framework using GHI’s USB Host feature…no Xbox is necessary!

This kit uses USB and it has special requests to set the strobe speed, LEDs and fog. But no worries! This still works with GHI NETMF devices. We use USB host on a low level using USBH Raw Device. This allows us to control the Stage kit as we like! It is actually easy if you know how USB works.

Showing LCD and Distance Detector
First we need to initialize the USB device, we provide examples in library documentation but you still need an understanding of USB specs to understand it fully.
If you have a source driver, it will help a lot on how to control it over USB and the same can be done with GHI’s driver. You can find the driver source code and commands/settings for rock band PC based application here.
Our driver provides easy methods to set the LEDs, fog and strobe light. This example uses a distance detector to measure the distance from the stage kit. The closer you get, the more LEDs will turn on and you will get faster strobe. If you are too close, the fog machine will start working.