Project - RLP Hydra - Signal Generator

RLP Hydra - Signal Generator

The following is an RLP implementation of a Signal Generator (aka Output Compare) for the FEZ Hydra. This implementation provides the basic capabilities to generate signals with and without a carrier signal.

The carrier signal support is ideal for generating IR signals which can simulate those used to control your TV or hobby chopter.

In addition you can specify the number of times the signal should be repeated, allowing you to control the number of generated pulses without being required to create a buffer with the repeating timing.

This implementation does not provide support for asynchronous signal generation. For you require asynchronous signal generation on the Hydra you can take a look at the custom Hydra firmware in which I provide a drop in replacement for the SignalGenerator available as part of the Premium libraries for boards like the FEZ Spider, G120 and Cobra II.

Note: The zip contains a SDK folder which include the fully compiled assemblies with the RLP code already hosted. Using this you will not be required to compile the RLP code yourself.


Does this work with firmware version (CLR version 4.1.2821.0)?

@ FarisWong - I have not tested it, but I would guess that the only thing you would need to do is back port the managed code portion, the native code should work as is. Off the top of my head that would be change the assembly references to the 4.1 assemblies and change the namespaces for some of the GHI native support (GHI Restructured the assemblies + namespaces in 4.2).