Project - RFM69 Driver for NETMF / Gadgeteer Mainboards

I just posted RFM69 Driver for NETMF / Gadgeteer Mainboards on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


@ RoSchmi - Thanks for posting your code. I can’t wait to download it and start working with it. :clap:

Yes, go along, it’s worth the effort. These little things are really cool. Just put the Moteino working as transmitter in our garage outside the house. A lime-sand brick wall of the garage, stone wall of the house and distance of about 20 m. Nearly every package received by the Spider.

@ RoSchmi - So is the Moteino running netmf, or is is Arduino code? You Moteino running ino code/lowpowerlabs driver is sending messages to your gadgeteer board running netmf/your converted lowpower driver correct?

@ Terrence - Yes, the Moteino is running Arduino code with the original RFM69 library from LowPowerLabs. The Gadgeteer board uses the adapted (to NETMF) Driver and the Adafruit RFM69 breakout (no MCU).

Hmmm… I thought Codeshare was “gone like Gadgeteer”. I don’t see it on my menus anymore. How are you posting to it? Are you just going in through the old URL?

@ ianlee74 -

I found it here

@ ianlee74 - seems they are hacked :whistle:

@ RoSchmi - So, I am wanting to use your great driver on my rpi with win10IOT. You mentioned a vanilla netmf version. Do you think it will run on that platform?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Perhaps we should put together a petition asking GHI to actually bring it back :wink:

@ ianlee74 - Hmmm, Yes I think GHI should say how to post.
May be, if I tell you how you can, I tell you how you could.
But… if you have something cool to post, please send me a direct mail. After a short test if your code is compliant with ISO 9001, FCC 4581 Rev. B, CE 1.0034 (63) and USB 3.0 Spec. Rev. 1.0 Nov. 2008, does not violate regulations on sexism and racism, and after having received a little fee on my PayPal account (just kidding), I will see what I can do for you to get you from Gary’s list.

@ RoSchmi - sounds like you want me to be politically correct. Not a snowballs chance in hell :wink:

@ ianlee74 - :wink: Did you receive my mail via

I did. I apologize for not replying. I’d already figured that all out. This was really meant to just poke Gus & Gary in the ribs :wink:

@ Terrence Excuse me that I didn’t answer earlier. I simply did not see the question. I don’t think that the code will run on a rpi, I guess there are differences in SPI and interrupt handling. LowPowerLabs seem to have a Gateway software for ´the rpi, I think they use another Moteino on the Gateway side (I didn’t look deeper into this). My NETMF driver (is in CodeShare meanwhile) is for e.g. Cobra III (didn’t yet try with Panda III or Lemur or G400).
Did you already get the time to try it out?

@ RoSchmi - I have not tried it yet, as I don’t have the proper hardware.

@ Terrence - but it’s Christmas, you can put it on your wish list? Do you already have RFM69 transmitter?

… does the driver work for these babies to ?

@ .Peter. - I don’t think so. On the Adafruit page they recommend the RadioHead library, when I look there the driver seems to be different. But the wiring looks similar and the SPI communication should be similar too. Which platform and program language are you using?

@ RoSchmi - simple arduino unos with radiohead lib.