Project refusing to deploy

HI All,
EDIT: Just kidding - my startup project was set to the wrong one in my solution properties. I don’t know if this is expected behavior, but if that startup project is wrong it won’t load.

This is a fairly juvenile question, as I still am learning the ropes of wrangling visual studio. It won’t deploy my project and instead gives me this error:

This project has worked for over a year and when updating the NuGet packages to the latest version i must have clicked something bad and screwed something up. There are 17 assemblies in my project and this is the one that is deployed according to my configuration manager. Neither release nor debug works. I rolled back to the last commit where this was functioning and no dice. I opened a working project and made sure the settings are the same and they are.

This is my configuration - it hasn’t been touched at all. I’m kind of at a loss - what’s causing this issue?

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It’s not so much that it won’t load - it just doesn’t know what to do with it because class libs don’t have an entry point.

This usually happens:

  • The first time you open an sln
  • when you change solution configurations
  • when you unload your exe project (to edit the .csproj) and then reload it

I get why this happens when you have more than one exe in your project, but am baffled why it doesn’t auto-select the exe project when it is unambiguous

I hit this frequently and the answer is always “Set startup project”

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I had unloaded it to change a couple of settings, I didn’t realize it would do that - thanks for the heads up.

To be honest, i didn’t even think to check, I didn’t know that the startup project mattered. I feel like this job is just as much fighting wrestling visual studio into submission as it is writing code.