Project - RC6 IR Remote Control Receiver

RC6 IR Remote Control Receiver

An old project taken from the old wiki.

This project documents the creation of an Infra-Red Remote Control Receiver. I’m using a FEZ Domino here, but any FEZ can be used, as only a single InterruprPort pin is used.

I’ve built the project as a class and sample program. You can thus take the class and use it anywhere else.

Good to see this. I am currently working on a receiver my self on a spider with some success. What are you using for the visual trace?

@ Cowboy. The visual trace looks like it is being created from a small 8 bit logic analyser.

If you need more channels, I use this device.

Both of these are an ideal tool if you do a lot of digital logic. The I2C, SPI and UART decoding is a great tool to test your system.