Project - RC Flight Controllers

RC Flight Controllers

I made these applications for a project I want to do. Just a start but I thought I would share in case somebody could modify for their needs. The windows applications read over HID/USB and sent the raw data to the Fez.Spider application by XBee devices. The raw data in not scaled (Your project To Do). There are applications for 32 and 64 bit HID/USB. I do not have a driver that will do both with one DLL file. My next step is to try to get a DLL modified so it works with 32 AND 64 bits. I am using the original and a modified DLL. The original is from Codeproject.

Solution References - UsbLibrary64 is a modified dll of (the original UsbLibrary) for 64 bit
UsbLibrary is code found at Codeproject
A USB HID Component for C# - Downloads: A USB HID Component for C# - CodeProject
Author wimar 22mar2007 (modified for 64 bits as posted by Bernhard Hiller)
See Changes for Win7 64 bit in Comments and Discussions

I have no copyright on my code. Use as you wish. See the copyright for the HID/USB Dll code.

Usage is the files provided.

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