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QR Code Generator

QR Codes are like bar codes only they can contain far more data. Data like text, link to websites, contact information. Used in conjunction with an modern mobile phone it can be quite usable. This project contains a class ported to C# Micro Framework that generates such a code. It needs a lot of optimization but it works… Now to think about a smart way to use it… :slight_smile:

Is this generator created by you? Not bad. Yes, you can make optimization for it and make it perfect. It would be good if we could adjust the parameters of the created QR Code. I found a passage on Google called barcode image settings in C# guide. You can read.

I moved it from the old wiki. I am not sure who made it.

Does anybody know an open source QR-Code scanning and reading software in C# or NTMF?

@ RoSchmi -

I found this…

.NET 2.0 but a good base to get started.

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Thank you.

I’ve used extensively in the past.

The C# port is pretty solid

hi folks,I m here by searching "QR code generator " on Google/. I came across QR code generator sdk while searching on web as well as the counterpart you guys mentioned above. What confused me is how can i know which is best working for me.Im using C#.NET. any suggestion is appreciated.

It’s a question of what hardware you are using. This forum, et. al. is dedicated to .NET Micro Framework and the devices that run it. If you want to create an embedded device, this is the place and the code listed is the code to use. If you are working solely on a PC platform, then you can safely ignore this. None the less, the code here may provide insights, just don’t expect to run it on a PC (or Android, or Linux, or Mac, or iPhone, …)


How do we know :slight_smile: we can’t see the link.

Lucky guess. :wink: