Project - PCF8574 .NetMF Class

I just posted PCF8574 .NetMF Class on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Hello Mno

Thanks for sharing the code. I tried to use the code with my panda III board to print " hello world".
I check the address and modified according to that and the module communicating .how ever not displaying the string on LCD. Could you please share any code for initialising PCF 8574 I2C LCD display or Sample code for printing " hello world" on a PCF8574 I2C display. Your help is much appreciated.


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Hey VNO,

did you check out the example code in the project that MNO posted? It shows the constructor - and if you examine the constructor, you will see the optional parameters that you can pass if your device doesn’t have the default I2C address that MNO’s does.

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@ vinod.vasudevan@ -
The code in the example does not exactly match the video. It only shows the use of PCF8574 class. In the video the lcd is not controlled by
I2C bus. Only LEDs are. Lcd is controlled by an asynchronous serial bus (RS232) via a COMFILE ELCD162 module. The code of the demo in the video is on github. Download zip file at If you want a sample code with I2C display, download zip file here

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