Project - PC Bluetooth Serial Listener App

I just posted PC Bluetooth Serial Listener App on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


woh, thank you for shareing

Nice one!

Did it work for you? Which Windows version?

thank you for sharing this project it’s realy helpfull , but i’m using this code with a different type of bluetooth device and i have the connexion between tha application and the device but i can not receive data from device because firstly i have to send a specific command to the device .

Can you help me please, i don’t know how to send this command to the device [for exemple using COM port myPort.write(“command\r\n”)].

@ BeltaifaWajdi - Hi, welcome to the forum,
I think to find a solution it is necessary to find out how your device can send commands to your bluetooth module and something about the command set of the bluetooth module.
Do you have a bluetooth module connected to a microcontroller? Is it a Gadgeteer or NETMF device of GHI? If not, what kind of device? What kind of bluetooth module?
In my other bluetooth Codeshare contributions there are examples how Gadgeteer/NETMF devices can communicate with the GHI Bluetooth Module or a special Seeed Bluetooth Bee Module.

@ RoSchmi - Hi, thank you for your response .
I don’t now match information about the device, the only think i now is the bluetooth protocol:

Bluetooth protocol of the device :
- baudRate = 38400
- dataBits = 8
- Parity = None
- stopBits = 1

1/ the App send "P" to the device => bluetooth connexion established
2/ the device send the data then "R"
3/ the App close with "F"

(the app should send the command “P” to the device to receiving data)
I don’t now how to set this configuration in your app , have you any idea please ?

When I remember right, in the Windows Forms Bluetooth Listener Application the feature sending from the PC to the device is not realized.
You can perhaps use the PC Aplication of this CodeShare contribution, where sending and receiving is realized.