Project - Panda II PCB Solder Reflow Oven

Panda II PCB Solder Reflow Oven

This is code for a Panda II based pcb solder reflow oven. The original code was written for a Microchip PIC. The original code was open source and available with a PCB reflow kit that Sparkfun used to sell. The only part of the original code that I have not implemented is the ability to save custom tempetature profiles. The code is in the included source, but it’s comment out because I had no need for it. The temperature profiles I used are hardcoded in the source.

To create your own Panda II based reflow oven, you will also need a toaster oven/skillet, thermocouple/amplifier, 3 buttons, power relay and a 2X16 character LCD. The data sheets for the hardware are in the zip files. Also included in the zip files are the instructions that were offered with the original PCB kit. They are worth reading because they explain how the reflow oven works (buttons, menus, temp profiles etc).

The hardware for the setup (as seen in the pictures) was wired together. But I’m sure a Gageteer version could easily be created.

Be careful and use at your own risk because you will be dealing with 120V power and very high temperatures.

I have used my oven a few times and it has worked to reflow small PCBs.

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Very cool! Thank you!