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Project - NETMF Expression Parser


I just posted NETMF Expression Parser on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Good job reinhard. I think it is very usefull, a must have!

I will dive in your code soon!


Hi Reinhard Ostermeier,
I find you are expert for RLP technology.
I have one question. Currently I am moving whole my project from Arduino platform to GHI electronics’ Gadgeteer platform. All my codes, libs were written in C++.

Some libs are very important and do calculate/calibration. It is very hard to port to C#, have to stay as a lib in C++. So the RLP looks like be able to solve the problem.

All my C++ lib were able to be compiled using arm-none-eabi compiler, but when linking with ld.exe, it is not able to find the reference to sqrt(), fabs(), log() functions defined in math.h header and math lib. It is looks like the linker is not able to link to the lib of C:\yagarto-20121222\arm-none-eabi\lib.
my question, does the RLP support to link to the math lib or other c++ external libs?
If yes, how to define in the makefile?

Thank you very much for the help.



@ yibingwang64 - I’m not really an expert in RLP.
I’m more an expert in reading and remembering.
My RLP Knowledge comes mainly from reading the tutorials and doing one siple RLP project, with digital inputs only.
So as @ andre.m pointed out: @ Simon from Vilnius is the real expert here I guess.

But what surprises me most: Why do you post this question here: The Expression Parser has nothing to do with RLP :think:


very impressing


When coding the parser, I initially tried to port some open source project I found in the web ( can not remember where and what).
But half way through I recognized that I was so unhappy how it worked internally, that I ended up in writing it from scratch.
The one I found could not even handle operators / functions / variables, which started with the same letters.
A variable named ‘sinus’ would have been recognized as the function ‘sin’ and the variable ‘us’.