Project - NeoPixel ring flashlight

I just posted NeoPixel ring flashlight on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Very cool!

You should make a short video showing the lights shown on a wall in a dark room!

@ mtylerjr - Thanks. I’ll try later.


I had the same question as @ mtylerjr. How well does it actually work as a flashlight? I can see getting a lot of use with something like this with the Scouts if it puts out enough light.

Maybe set it next to an unmodified flash light and compare. Great project. I want to make one now!

I was thinking a great camping toy…

If I built one, I’d add one more switch to play some disco audio files :smiley:

@ ianlee74 - It is a good flashlight too. I need to find my glue gun and fix the ring, before taking comparison pictures. Misplaced it somewhere. Right now ring is just hanging by wires there.

@ Gus. That what I said to myself when I saw the article in the magazine. ;D

@ mtylerjr - That is what my wife said. ;D

@ mtylerjr -
disco audio files ??

How about some Swing?

I suppose - although I didn’t think swing is associated with colorful strobe lights like disco is :slight_smile:

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