Project - my simple mini CNC machine

Hello All,

Recently i started up my netMF hobby again, and brought me a new NetMF board the FEZ Cerbuino Bee. My new first steps where some problematic knowing a little from the past and knowing there was a lot changed. Back then i used NetMF 3,2 or so and now we are at NetMF 4.2 and 4.3 is in the works (as i understand).

Seeing those amassing CNC machines and 3D printers i was thinking why not making a hybrid where you can switch the head between a drill and a extruder. I’m building it in 2 steps. First i will do the CNC machine and later i will add a frame where you can put the CNC frame above so you can get a 3D printer construction, with a lifting bad.

I’m making this all with the makerbeam T-beams a simple construction set, that looks a bit of Fisher Technique, from my young years. I dont expect much from it but i hope to learn how thinks can work.

First i wanted to use the FEZ Cerbuino Bee together with the Adafruit Stepper Shield, but that shield has only 2 drivers and i need at least 3. Now i’m going for the gbplshield from here:
What i have seen is that it is very easy to control then the Adafruit one. just tell the direction and pulse the steps. Down side is that you need to set the step size on the board it self.

I’m planning to adapt the arduino’s GRBL package to NetMF. But maybe someone has already done something like this, and we can share some code?

To see what i have done please check my photo blog on picassa:

It is still in progress anyway.


This sounds like it is going to be interesting. I too recently purchased a Cerbuino, but my goals are far more mediocre. From a relative layman’s view, your construction looks very neat (as in clean and tidy)!

I look forward to seeing your progress.

Looks very interesting!

What no laser option? ;). Sounds like fun. Keep us posted.

@ NielsNL2 - I look forward to your progress with much interest :slight_smile:

thanks all,
I’m waiting to get my gbrlshield and last stepper motor to continue. So i can continue


Finally today i got my GRBLshield and connected my steppermotor’s on it. And without much work the started to do there job. The GRBLshield will be mounted on my cerb bee with a adapted version of DazCAM. DazCAM was created for the Netduino and i have reworked to be able to work on the cerb bee and the GRBLshield.

In the meantime I have changed the way how the CNC machine is working. At first i wanted a movable X and Y axis. But after finishing the Z-axis the X as was to instable to work properly. So i decided to have a fixed X-axis and a moving workplate instead. I will make some new pictures and a video of the moving parts tomorrow.

Now the real work starts :smiley:

I like it a lot.

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here is a small video:

Cool! Is it loud or is it just me? :smiley:

No it is not you, i think the mic was to set to loud.
But it is because the frame is resonating on the bottom plate, Im still figuring out how to connect those two together.

I know this is a 2 year old post, but did the original author complete his goal?

I’ve been building 3d printers for a few years now and have gone through just about every know variant of hardware based on 8bit Atmega AVRs. I would love to port Marlin/Sailfish/Repetier or any 3d printer Arduino-based firmware to .NETMF and run it on a GHI 32bit mcu gadgeteer board. Has anyone done any heavy lifting in porting grbl or any CNC/3d printing control to .NET?

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