Project - Multicoloured LED + T35 touch screen with Glide running on NETMF4.2

Multicoloured LED + T35 touch screen with Glide running on NETMF4.2

NETMF 4.2 with glide.

Using glide to control a muticolor led gadgeteer module. glide recompilled for netmf4.2 is located in the bin directory.

buttons to switch on fade red led
buttons to switch on fade blue led
buttons to switch on fade green led
buttons to switch off led
buttons to switch on solid led [custom color selectable]

3 off sliders to changed the active color of the led

expanded and updated from devhammers netmf4.1 demo located here -


@ Nubiarn - How about a picture(s) or video of the project in action?

yeh a picture might be a good idea. i put this together really just to have a play with glide.

This is cool!

I wanted to do the slider thing when I worked on this

but I could not figure out how to do the sliders with enough stop points.

Can you upload the pictures to your project please? You get more points and make teh project nicer :slight_smile:

@ Nubiarn - Nice work! Clean interface as well!

Shoot me a note at Contact Me – and I’ll hook you up with a custom mounting board for your showcase project! Just let me know what overall dimensions you’d like and if you’re going to stick with the Spider or switch to a different board to mount it up. Will also need your address so I can send it across the pond.



recomplied application code with netmf 4.2 [ QEF2] which was released august 24-2012
the glide dll located in the bin/release directory is now compatible with the above netmf release and could be reused in other projects

@ Nubiarn - Should this program work on the Hydra, I have tried and its failing with

[quote]WARN: Total initialization time exceeds 10 seconds.
: ProgramStarted is blocking execution, which means events and timers w
ill not run properly.
: Make sure not to use blocking code such as while(true) - use a GT.Timer instead.[/quote]

@ Davef - if the main board is changed in the designer and the firmware is the correct version then i would assume it should work, that being said i haven`t ever tested on a hydra as this was mainly just done for a bit of fun to have a play with glide and i decided to share it.