Project - Modlab DSLR Remote Module Driver

Modlab DSLR Remote Module Driver

This is the driver for the DSLR remote module made.
This driver supports 4.1 and 4.2 Gadgeteer and allows you to specify a delay between focus and shutter fire to allow for Auto Focus lenses to focus properly.

The module itself has a 2.5mm jack socket. the center pin is shutter, middle pin is focus and rear pin is ground. Its designed primarily to use a camera axe cable but you can always make your own.

This module is great for time lapse photography or maybe hook up a pir and take wildlife shots when an animal comes close to your camera.


Good job!

Thanks, its a bit scary doing this for the first time :slight_smile: especially as im not a pro coder like most of the folks around here…
Really appreciate your comment though :slight_smile: