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Project: making a collage with several camera's as input


I am working on a project that enables different users to add photos to a collage.

Previously I’ve done this by connecting up to 3 camera’s to one laptop, and using pictures taken by these webcams. However, the webcam drivers constantly stream video (even when not displayed) which often makes the project crash.
Because my university has Gadgeteering materials available and the initial camera project worked very easily I thought this might be easily done with gadgeteering however I run into a problem.

My current setup is as follows:

Camera conncected to a fez-spider, which takes a pictures, crops it and saves it to a computer. I want multiple spiders to save to the same laptop so multiple inputs can create a single visualisation.

However I run into the problem how to send a picture from the fez-spider through my laptop, could this be done through bluetooth?
I’ve read about logging to the SD-card and allowing a laptop to read SD as a cardreader but in those cases it seems like it writes when not connected and can be read when connected to usb. However I want the picture to be used at the laptop right away.

Hope anyone can help me with what modules to use (xbee, bluetooth, USB?) or any useful tutorials.