Project - Lego NXT Mindstorm

Lego NXT Mindstorm

Possibilities with GHI NETMF device is near endless. One of the amazing things you can do is control the LEGO NXT Mindstorm right from FEZ! Why do you want to do that? Because you will enjoy all the cool LEGO pieces that come with NXT and at the same time, enjoy all the great features found in GHI NETMF devices…Visual Studio debugging…managed application…file system…program in C# or visual basic…etc.

LEGO NXT Mindstorm Brick
I will give you a very simple example just to get an idea. What about we use a USB joystick to control the NXT motors? Sounds fun but will it be easy? Actually yes, it is very easy! This project have some drivers to get you started and then you can expand on to it. Please feel free to enhance the project and contribute back.

Where do I download the specs?
To see what commands are available on NXT, You will need to download the “LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Bluetooth Developer Kit” found at this link

The same commands work over bluetooth and over USB.