Project - Launching free cloud plataform compatible with gadgeteer

I just posted Launching free cloud plataform compatible with gadgeteer on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


How do I sign up and create something?

All I get is an email to subscribe me to a list.

{EDIT} Oh hang on. I just got another email :-[

Thanks Dave for your feedback!

Yes, since is in beta I’m adding users to the system manually after they are subscribing to the mailing list.

thanks for trying Connectingthings looking foward to hear more from you :slight_smile:


subscribed and will be playing with it soon :slight_smile:

@ _mravinale - Very cool. Your website looks great.

hmmmm…I didn’t see any mention of NETMF, Gadgeteer or GHI products on the site.

Hi Gary!

The platform is hardware agnostic, understands only comunication protocols such as HTTP, MQTT and COAP
added a code example a video tutorial about how to connect NETMF and Gadgeteer to the cloud.
is free and will always be free maybe I would add some premium features in the future, so I can pay the cloud bills, but I just wanted to support the maker communiity.

Do you think that I should add a logo regarding netmf, gadgeteer or GHI ?
If GHI team are ok I’ve no problem.

I’m working on a full blog post about how to implement NETMF and gadgeteer as well


@ _mravinale - I of course believe in promoting GHI everywhere and at all times, and I saw some other platforms listed and was just pointing out that I saw nothing about GHI. ;D

But I do like the layout of the site, etc so don’t let me beat you up into putting GHI everywhere.

Subscribed… :slight_smile:

@ Gary - yeaahh I’ll update GHI logo to the landing friends section :wink:

@ _mravinale - I also subscribed but the registration from made me enter a “social url”, what was the reason for making that a requirement?

For beta users I would like to be more in contact and know them better and see that are not machines, since I’m tunning the infrastructure for multiple users, and offering support for free

@ _mravinale - Fair enough…