Project - Joystick Ball

I just posted Joystick Ball on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Nice job! Although, I would have called it Gadg-a-Sketch :wink:

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Ah! That’s much better!

Great job. You might want to invert up/down and maybe change color when it goes over already painted line.

I’ve created a blog post for this here:

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That’s the purpose of the button. It will control the Y inversion.

Here are the features:
•A ball should appear on the display and movable by a joystick.
•The ball must move “PacMan style”. - It should appear on the other side of the screen if it goes to the edge.
•Vertical movement should be Y-invertible. - Some games moving the joystick down moves your display up. But this is an optional change.
•An led should display if the Y-inversion is on.

This could be used for a snake game as well :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on it for my Game-o… which I’ve yet to use. :-[

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I have a snake game for medusa, that may or may not be useful for you. Anyways here is the codeshare:

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Would you mind if I built a Student project and you tube video based on this? Its a nice project and I think it would appeal to students to build such a project.

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Not at all. Have at it! I can’t wait to see.