Project - InvenSense MPU6000 on shared I2C bus

InvenSense MPU6000 on shared I2C bus

This is a driver for the InvenSense MPU6000. The chip incorporates a 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyro and a temperature sensor.

i2c is designed for multiple sensors. Since I am not good at reinventing wheels I have modified the device drivers posted in Codeshare by Thomas D. Kryger and used the same AbstractI2CDevice Class. I have not tested it with other sensors but have no reason to think there will be a problem (famous last words, I know.)

Please pardon me for any errors - C# is not my native tongue.


Thanks for sharing!

No pictures? We love seeing wires :slight_smile:

@ DougTurner - Thanks for sharing, was about to look at talking to one of these… :slight_smile:


I have bought a MPU6000.
There are pins: VCC, GND, SCL, SDA ,XDA ,XCL, ADO, INT
I Want to connect it to FEZ Cerbuino Bee, I don’t know what pins above should be connected to the FEZ Cerbuino Bee.


Wires? I have added a photo of the carrier board connected to my PandaII board. The MPU6000 chip is the square black chip positioned just above the orange component, near the center left edge of the photo.

It is part of my “balance bot” project using a PandaII board. I was very surprised to find it actually worked as intended - i.e. it stayed upright! I have uploaded a video to YouTube if any one is interested.


@ DougTurner - Nice bot!

P.S. By the way you can use Youtube button and the video will be “embedded” in the post

@ DougTurner - Well done :slight_smile: