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Project - How to drive an X10 Firecracker (CM17A) using a RS232 module - Spider


How to drive an X10 Firecracker (CM17A) using a RS232 module - Spider

The CM17A is a serial device that uses DTR and CTS to send the X10 commands. The RS232 module doesn’t have drivers for the DTR line. So by adding a jumper to the CM17A across pins 3 and 4 you can drive it with the TXD line. I adapted a driver written by Eddie Sheffield to use the txd line.


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Maybe I Have a problem on the codeshare but I Can t find any cs file…


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@ LouisCpro - You can download the project and get everything.


@ andre.m - I see that also. All of the files are in the project zip file. I’m not sure why they don’t show.


@ Gus - Do you have any idea why the source files don’t show up? What did I do wrong?


Well after the third try - I removed the pdf files and now the source files show up.


Must be a bug in code viewer.


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