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Project - Got a Kindle? Kindle tablet (Android) and Fez.Spider


Got a Kindle? Kindle tablet (Android) and Fez.Spider

This is a sample .Net application for the spider that receives the Kindle Sensor data as X,Y and Z

This application is a update/revision of a previous post Spider-WiFi-Android- Using Android sensors.

Note that the Kindle does not have a Magnetic sensor. Only:
The kindle app is fixed for portrait only…

You will need to install B4A-Bridge on your Kindle to install the application. Once installed the Spider connects to the Kindle over WiFi.

You will need to enter your SSID and PassPhrase in the Spider application.

B4A-Bridge AMAZON Appstore for Android
Anywhere Software

The Spider code does nothing with the values received except display the X,Y,Z values on the T35 LCD.
I was thinking that you could ‘Drive a Robot’ using the values received as the Tablet is tilted and twisted…
I hope that the sample code can get someone started.
I am using Basic4Android and .NET Micro 4.2. The Spider firmware is
Screen1.gif is a screenshot of the running application on the kindle.
Screen2.gif shows the Icon used for the Kindle application start…
Usage is the code samples.
There are two Zips… One for the Spider App and one for the Kindle.
Have Fun!


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Not sure what you mean…
There are two different parts. One for the Spider, one for the Kindle…?


That’s what I initially thought, but when I checked CodeShare I only saw one. Maybe I’m missing it. It has been one of those mornings…

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