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Project - Game-O Fetris


I just posted Game-O Fetris on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


AWESOME Architect…:slight_smile:


Thank you :wink:


That video is compelling :wink:


@ mhectorgato - Does it work for you? I am having problems with that video for some reason.


Architect: I can’t view in Firefox/Nightly, but in IE 10, I have view but it asks me to allow unsecure content.

Great game BTW.


@ jasuk70 - Thank you. I will redo the video tonight.


@ Architect I don’t think it’s you, I think it’s GHI’s site. It happens with all embedded videos. I usually click the link to launch in YouTube directly, but that link doesn’t appear in codeshare posts.


Video is better now (was only 0:01 in length before).

Thanks for sharing this!


Hmmm… Must be youtube, I haven’t changed anything since the upload.


Very nice!


Great work!


Thanks! :smiley: There is more coming.


Hmmm. Game Architect. Has a nice ring to it.


@ Iggmoe - Lol! Thanks!

By the way
This is the next one :wink:


Chess you mean, right…:slight_smile:


Chess is on the list to try as well. :slight_smile:




WOW! You are unstoppable. Can’t wait.


This is a great game - I’m learning a lot from your code!

I have a coupe of questions:

  1. When you assign the interrupt event to the inputports the method has a definition of
    void OnInterrupt(uint data1, uint data2, DateTime time)
    I’m a little confused on where data1 and data2 are derived from? Is this a standard definition for a callback? If so, what are the data1 and data2 possible values? I suspect data2 is the pin value but what is data1?
  2. Do you have a location I can reference these functions - the MSN documentation is a little scarce when it comes to to the micro framework (at least that I have found)