Project - Game-O Checkers

I just posted Game-O Checkers on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Wow you keep them coming. You are a true superhuman

This is the last one for now. Unless, somebody wants to see another game and has rules/example.

@ Architect - Nice one! Years ago I wrote a chess engine, I no longer have the code but seeing this has inspired me to attempt a lightweight implementation for Game-O!

@ taylorza - Thank you! I was going to do Chess as well. Did a research. I will post a link for you later.

Sweet…I love chess.

@ taylorza - I have just put on codeshare chess board and pieces that I had so far (can be useful) and posted the links there as well. The second link has full source code for windows chess game.

@ Architect - That looks awesome, I was wondering how the pieces would look at 160x120.

If you where already planning on building a chess game, please go ahead, I did not realize you intended to do that and I am not desperately looing for something to do :slight_smile:

@ taylorza - No I am not going to get to it anytime soon. So you go ahead! :smiley: I am sure your game is going to be great! The more games the better.