Project - Game-O Alien Invaders

I just posted Game-O Alien Invaders on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


This was one of my favorite games when i was growing up :slight_smile: Thanks to you, I can now play it again. Thanks for sharing.

Nice job!

Great game!

Hmmm… Trying to run it in my emulator and getting out of memory exception. Did you try to run it in an emulator? (Ignore all “unsupported” exceptions during startup)

I have one suggestion for improvement. Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore is one of the “expensive” assemblies to use. You only reference it for EventHandler delegate. I would define my own delegate and would remove the reference completely.

@ taylorza - Top-notch! Performance looks really good. Looking forward to playing with this.

@ Architect - I have not tried it on the emulator, I will give that a shot and see how it goes. Thanks for the tip on the Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore, I will look at removing that… Going to download your emulator now.

@ Gus, @ Ianlee74 & @ devhammer - Thanks!

@ Architect - I just tried running it in the emulator, but the emulator crashes with an Access Violation, there is no useful stacktrace info, I will probably need to get the code for the core emulator libraries and trace into that.

I will look into it, but just thought I would mention it in case you have faced this before. Btw. this is after ignoring all the NotSupportedExceptions.

Yeah, I had that too right after the out of memory exception.

@ Architect - I had made the change you suggested regarding the TinyCore assembly and was not getting an OutOfMemoryException.

I had that change locally as well, but still getting out of memory exception and then Access Violation in the emulator. I assume access violation is a side effect of the out of memory exception.

This is just for your information.

I have changed RAM settings in emulatorconfig to 192K. For some reason it was set to 175K. It runs fine now.

Correct setting: