Project - Gadgeteer Palm Tree Monitor

Gadgeteer Palm Tree Monitor

A Gadgeteer device which uses a built in web server, email, COSM and tweets to publish conditions including soil moisture, light, humidity, temperature etc affecting my office palms.

Twitter for Office Palms

COSM realtime data for my Office Palms

Library used to send Twitter Messages:

‘Getting Started with the Internet of Things’ code used to send data to COSM

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The most cared for palm trees in human history! Well done.

Any Palm that has this level of automation in its growing process is worthy of a Gadgeteer gadget.

@ Duke Nukem - excellent stuff, now v2 with automagic watering via servo control please :wink:

HI,Duke, I don’t see any network device in your figure?
and in zip file, there have several projects, but why you do not import the NetworkingService project?

Given its a Cerberus mainboard running the latest 4.2 network firmware and I’m using an ENC28 Module for networking all I have to do is

                _ni = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces()[0];

                if (!_ni.IsDhcpEnabled)

                if (_ni.IPAddress != "")
                    Debug.Print("IP Address:" + _ni.IPAddress);
            catch (Exception exception)
                throw new ArgumentException("Could not resolve host via DNS.", exception);

Of course I’m always open to any possible improvements people are willing to suggest.