Project - French Font for Glide

French Font for Glide

The french characters are not in the tinyfonts of Glide.

You can replace droid_regxx.tinyfnt in the folder ressource of Glide by these files.


Thanks Karima, very nice job.

Any news regarding the insertion of the € symbol ?

Thanks Karima, it helps!
Indeed, I am interested on the sizes 16 and 20 that are not in your set of files.
What is the tool that you used? TinyFontToolGUI.exe?

edit : Ok, now I understand that TinyFontToolGUI is just a graphic front-end for TFConvert , wich is in .NET Micro Framework\vX.X\Tools directory I just have to understand what are the correct options to set in the .fntdef input file to get the right tinyfnt and do the command :
TFConvert myFont.fntdef myFont.tinyFNT

Okay, I self-answered me :

For adding french accents é è ê, just fill the .fntdef input file with the additionnal line:

ImportRange 123 125

It corresponds to the decimal values of index of the wanted characters, according to windows char map.