Project for sending and receiving SMS over ethernet


i should build system that can send and receive SMS over ethernet communication. I allready had FEZ Domino and Ethernet shield but i couldnt make it working, i always have out of memorry exception when i want to open socket… Maybe shield doesnt work or FEZ Domino cant support that.

So i decided to buy new mainboard and i think that FEZ Cerbuino Net would be best choice for that project because it has integrated network. Also i would buy Cellular Radio Module (Part # SCLRA-GM-322) for GSM support. Does anybody knows is it compatible with Cerbuino Net? And is it nessesary to have USB Client DP Module if i connect 12V power supply to mainboard directly?

Why do you Need a celular module, when you want to send over Ethernet?

Personally, I bet you could have made the Domino +Wiz5100 work if you tried :slight_smile: As @ Reinhard said, if you’re going to use an internet-to-SMS gateway you really don’t need the cellular modem, and you really need to be aware of the limitations in that module.

As for power for a cerbuino, the answer is that the cerbuino has an onboard power connector and is technically a “red board”, so you can’t connect another power module to it. The input on that device goes through a low capacity filtering capability, and the silkscreen notes that the input power must be between 6 and 9v… even though the schematics note the input power as “12v”. The problem is when you’re trying to draw excessive current through the device, the heat generated through that regulation path increases as the difference between the input and output voltage increases, and that’s a problem. So I would suggest you get a 9v high current DC power pack and use that instead.

I have FEZ Domino and WIZ5100 ethernet shield but it doesnt work, i tried 20 examples i found and none of them worked :(, maybe i’am doing something worng, i dont have experience with micro .net development.

this is very simple but it doesnt work
byte[] maca = { 0x00, 0x26, 0x1C, 0x7B, 0x29, 0xE8 };
WIZnet_W5100.Enable(SPI.SPI_module.SPI1, (Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di10, (Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Digital.Di7, true); // WIZnet interface on FEZ Connect
Dhcp.EnableDhcp(maca, “FEZ”);

My plan was to buy Cerbuino Net and Cellular shiled and that i connect Cerbuino to my network and open TCP/IP socket communication over Internet with my application on server and when i send command through that application to Cerbuino to send SMS it sends SMS to specific number. When i receive SMS on that number Cerbuino would send message to my application on server that SMS is received.
I dont know how to do that without Cellular shield.

Sorry on my poor English, i hope that you understand what i want to do. In short i need system that can send SMS and connect to Internet so i can communicate with it from distanced location

I am not sure whether I understood correctly, but you may want to look at Twilio


I want to make something like that but i dont want to use 3d part software i need to build my own, my goal is to make SMS gateway, hardware and software so i can use my sim card. For hardware i ment to use Cerbuino Net with Cellular shield so i was wandering is it compatible and would i be able to send and receive sms

ok, so you’re NOT going to use an internet-to-SMS gateway, you want to BUILD one. The only way to achieve that is to have a cellular modem, correct.

As I said, there are caveats you need to understand on that module. I am not sure I would recommend it for someone starting out.

Can I ask what the function of SMS really is in your solution ? Is it possible you could be using some other technology that is equally suitable ?

Thanks for answers. What do you have in minde when you said other technology? Like arduino, netduino or something like that?

I need to do two things SendSMS (number, message) and to receive SMS (number, message) and to communicate over ethernet with my application

I have lots of experience with developing applications (desktop) but i dont have experience with .net micro framework and devices so advices are more than welcome

I mean why SMS?

SMS is simply reception of a “packet” of data from a “source”. The same thing could be done via Ethernet. In this era there are many alternatives to cellular networks and ~160 character packets - I am trying to understand why you chose SMS (or why SMS is the “requirement”).

For that project is required to communicate with customers via SMS, to send SMS to customer and receive SMS from customer, it will send notifications to mobile phones, it should work with old phones (not smartphones) so only solution as i can see is sendig SMS

so is Cerbuino Net compatible with that Cellular shield? Or maybe i can buy some other cheaper like those

i will buy cellular shield. Sould i buy USB Client DP Module also or it can work without it?

i have 12V PSU and usb cable that is not a problem :slight_smile: I will make order now and hope that it will work. Thank you all