Project - Fez.Spider WiFi that is a bit 'Different'

Fez.Spider WiFi that is a bit ‘Different’

The attached is a “Test Of Concept” that demonstrates one way to use the Fez.Spider gadgeteer with Ethernet,WiFi and a WebServer. The code does nothing but prove (at least to me) that I can read and write to a Web page.

I am not out to deny GHI sales of WiFi modules but I had a NETGEAR WNCE2001 (A WiFi Bridge) laying around and I wanted to ‘see’ if it would work with my Spider. I first started out using a TCP Server and Client but I’m not smart enought to get it working. I could ‘write’ to the Spider but I never could figure out how to ‘read’ a message sent by the Spider. Oh Well… I gave up and started this project.

The Web Page does nothing but return “OK” to HttpWebRequests “CONNECT”, “POST”, “GET”, and “PUT”.
and only one WebServer.SetupWebEvent(“wifi”);

Michael Dodaro (Integral Design) has some code “.NET Gadgeteer Web Service Surveillance Camera” that
shows how to setup Web Events to a Web service.

NOTE: I have only tested this code on my local internet (home)

I hope sombody can use this as a basis for something more useful.

Use as you wish. No copyright on my part.

Usage is the sample code.


@ willgeorge: It is great to follow your projects. I also have a special interest in wifi. I am also well into retirement at age 71. I have a website should you wish to have a look at my project. Also you may contact me on kgordon(at) Best regards, Kevin.

@ KG1 -

That is some robot you have there!

Did you do the welding of the chassis also? Did a bit of welding but that was MANY years ago.

Armord artillary maintenance. 8 inch, 5 inch, 155’s self propelled armor.

I was assigned a new m88 A1 in 1962. Did ALOT of welding then…

I was in the service a few years later. I was a forward observer for a grenade platoon.

I wasn’t born yet :smiley:

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@ willgeorge

I must confess I am not into welding alluminium. I have a friend who makes alluminium fences and gates. The progress on the robot has been very slow. Since last October I have been delayed by GHI Wifi. Although I have kept working on I2C motor control, sockets and sensors. I am working on an information coding system: everything based on a maximum of 8 byte packages eg a command F180# would command the robot to move forward in a direction of magnetic south and a data item from a sensor T021# etc. I would like to find someone who is an expert in configuring sockets. I have written most of the code for queuing, sending and receiving, using different threads but have much experimenting to do. In the end I will need to develop a better body for the robot!

Also experimenting with other modules (bits and pieces from many suppliers). I am quite impressed by but not impressed by linux wifi. seems to be progressing quite well.

I enjoy the work very much. Cheers.

It courage me that you guys have patients on new Tech even you are Retirement.

Thank you Tzu

@ KG1 -

The progress on the robot has been very slow…

As it should be! At our age all we have is time…

@ willgeorge
One is as old as one feel! Hi

@ Mike -

I was thinking… People these days have no idea how dangerous those years were. Cuba and all that…

Yeah. I don’t think many of these guys would know to hide under their desks at the sound of an air raid siren. In fact, they wouldn’t even know what an air raid siren is.