Project - FEZ Lynx Blinking LED demo

I just posted FEZ Lynx Blinking LED demo on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Cool, I just put in my order for the FEZ Lynx, Medusa and a few other odds and ends, now I can’t wait to get them.

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I like Lynx so far. Have some projects in mind for it already.

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Very cool to see the Lynx in action. Do you think it will also be useful when developing code modules intended for other main boards? I mean testing it first on the Lynx because its faster and easier to debug and then include it in the final code when you are happy that it works well.

I did not realize that the Lynx is already available for sale. Just ordered mine as well.

@ KiwiSaner - Yes, testing using Lynx first, would be really easy. Just don’t unplug it while you running it under debugger in Visual Studio. :wink:

Now this one really is SPAM :slight_smile:

Account and related posts are completely deleted.

@ Architect - Thanks for this Architect. I just tried your app and it immediately worked.

I am glad you like it. :smiley: