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Project - FEZ Lynx Blinking LED demo


I just posted FEZ Lynx Blinking LED demo on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Cool, I just put in my order for the FEZ Lynx, Medusa and a few other odds and ends, now I can’t wait to get them.


I like Lynx so far. Have some projects in mind for it already.


Very cool to see the Lynx in action. Do you think it will also be useful when developing code modules intended for other main boards? I mean testing it first on the Lynx because its faster and easier to debug and then include it in the final code when you are happy that it works well.

I did not realize that the Lynx is already available for sale. Just ordered mine as well.


@ KiwiSaner - Yes, testing using Lynx first, would be really easy. Just don’t unplug it while you running it under debugger in Visual Studio. :wink:


Now this one really is SPAM :slight_smile:


Account and related posts are completely deleted.


@ Architect - Thanks for this Architect. I just tried your app and it immediately worked.


I am glad you like it. :smiley: