Project - FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit Preloaded Demo

I just posted FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit Preloaded Demo on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

Nice! Looking forward to checking it out.

No video?

no pictures? no video?

It looks awesome. it needs some video please :slight_smile:

@ Jeff - I’ve been playing with this a bit tonight. Nice job! One problem I keep encountering is an OutOfMemoryException when I first deploy and its trying to show the splash screen. This happens at least 50% of the time. I haven’t spent much time debugging it yet. I was wondering if you had encountered this.

The display drivers were completely redone. You will need the next sdk coming soon.

Ah. OK. I seem to have no problems with this unless its debugging. If I detach VS, then everything is great. I’m looking forward to this new SDK :slight_smile:

@ ianlee74 - no I didn’t , but on another program I had some issues and noted the debugger definitely introduces some memory allocation. Might be that different versions of debugger with different Visual Studio versions use different amounts which might account for me not seeing it while you are.

Jeff, do I remember reading that you are also putting together some educational/lab material around this kit? Any chance its about ready? I’m teaching Gadgeteer workshops Wed, Thur, & Fri at the DevLink conference next week. If you have something, I’d like to see if I can use it. Otherwise, I’m going to work on documentation for a small lab that someone can complete in 10-15 minutes.

Hmmm, I don’t recall stating we’re doing any Educational Documentation around the kit… Not a bad idea, but we’ve been so busy documenting/coding new modules and boards we don’t have. You might be able to grab some ideas from the old Cerberus Basic Kit Guide ( C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI .NET Gadgeteer SDK\Getting Started Guides\FEZCerberus Basic Kit Guide.pdf)

If you do a written guide, and don’t mind sharing, maybe it could be used to get full Educational/Lab based docs. From my viewpoint, I’m not sure what the intended audience would be: Embedded Programming for C.S. students or Embedded Electronics for E.E. students? And I think that might make a difference in content and presentation (not to mention the author, I’m not sure I’ve the background for doing a good EE version.)

Ok. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t have something almost ready before I started. For my case, the idea is to pump as many developers through six Gadgeteer stations as possible in a 1.5 hour time during the lunch break. There will be 800+ devs at the conference. So, the plan is to have one small project that I’ll print out that will take them step-by-step through a slightly more advanced “Hello World!”. I’ll make available my guide once its ready.

Here is the very simple tutorial I put together for DevLink. The idea was to create a self-guided tutorial that could be completed in 10-15 mins in order to get as many people through the workshop as possible in a 1 - 1.5 hr time (every day during lunch). The “problem” became that once they finished the tutorial they were armed and dangerous and kept evolving the project. Several new Gadgeteer addicts were born this week :slight_smile:

Big plans are in motion for how to open this up to more people next year. Stay tuned for another Gadgeteer first…

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