Project - Example FEZ Cerbuino Bee With RN-XV_WiFly

Example FEZ Cerbuino Bee With RN-XV_WiFly

This is an example use FEZ Cerbuino Bee With RN-XV_WiFly modue.

  1. FEZ Cerbuino Bee
  2. RN-XV_WiFly modue.
  3. Temp&Humidity Module

This example use the RN-XV_WiFly modue to send Temp&Humidity data to my REST Web Service.
Some code reference form and Pete Brown’s project

You need to download the netmftoolbox first.

Hope this example help someone is interesting with the RN-XV_WiFly modue.


Hi Tsu. Nice contribution!

I would recommend - do not include your network information (name, password, etc.).

Thanks for sharing!

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Nice work!
Helps me with my current project :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, this is my first share. I will do it more.

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Thanks for your sample but I’m having some issues. Am I required to update firmware on the RN-XV first? Using the Xbee Explorer?

I can’t seem to get it to join my network I’ve tried both WP2 Personal and open network

_wifi.JoinNetwork("SmallTiger", 0, WiFlyGSX.AuthMode.WPA2_PSK, "MyPassphrase");

Note: even if I specify a different channel it still reads zero in the debugger.