Project - EmBlocks template for RLP in G120

I just posted EmBlocks template for RLP in G120 on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Thanks Simon. That is really useful.

@ Simon - is it possible to upload a demo/example to show how to use the template? It would useful for users new to RLP like me writing one for the first time

I think there is a sample RLP function in the project.
For the C# part, just follow any RLP sample in the GHI Documentation or codeshare.
Here is one with 4.2 for G120 (C part was made with yagarto)

I have updated Codeshare and uploaded:

  • EmBlocks templates for every GHI offering: EMX, G120, G400, Cerberus and Hydra (this one is untested, though)
  • Sample VisualStudio projects to get started with.

Finally, ÎĽVision can go to the Museum of Badly Designed Software.

Extensive RLP tutorial is also coming…


What’s the address of the museum, will send mine too :wink:

Although for RLP i use VS2010 with resharper c++ EAP version. ReSharper C++ : The Visual Studio Extension for C++ Development

Was using uVision for 8bit MCU project only, but this week replaced by Silabs Simplicity IDE.

Thanks for your contribution!

@ simon - Looking forward to the tutorial

Thanks @ Simon for the contribution. I don’t know if I will ever need RLP but I have installed the toolset and was able to successfully get the G400 example working on my Raptor the first time! So now everything is in place if I ever come up with something that needs it.

If I would like to setup template for DL40 (Cortex M0), then all I have to change is memory.ld file, Device* to cortex-m0 and include LPC11xx.h?

Nice to hear :slight_smile:

Actually, no. RLP is a very stripped-down version of embedded development, so it lacks many necessary files (like startup, full memory configuration and others). Your best option is probably to create a completely new project. Go to File->New->Project, follow the wizard, select LPC11xx as target, and you [em]almost [/em]good to go. Almost, because:

  • The wizard includes file startup_LPC11xx.s, which it cannot compile. However, it is not needed, just delete it.
  • edit gcc_arm.ld file to reflect your actual memory size (don’t remember what does LPC1114 has).

I notice that there is problem with startup file. Thanks for info.