Project Doohickey

A NETMF wearable Doohickey has to be made as i’m tired of waiting on current commercial projects to be realised…

Heres the wishlist.

[ul]Fit on your wrist without looking too Dick Tracey
NETM 4.3
Bluetooth low energy
Accl, Gyro, Compass
Light sensor
Capacitive touch
Lipo powered and last at least a full day[/ul]

All the above has been tested with various designs.

Final board will run a STM32F401CEU6 48pin QFN running NETMF 4.3

Things to do…

[ul]Test curved lipos (in the mail)
Test and choose from various oLED screens (different sizes, colours - in the mail)
Model case and 3D print
Design and build it all…[/ul]

Final piece of the puzzle - finish it all before all the other players produce something…

Simple :whistle:


Find an old clunky sportswatch and see if you can fit your hardware in there and I’m a buyer!

@ njbuch - i have access to a 3D printer so will make a case to fit :slight_smile:

Pulse it’s a gotta have and I’d like to see temperature (skin side preferred).

very nice, very nice indeed

I think I have to have one of those as well …

BLE … hmmm … a whatch controlling my modell train … or house or … cool

Too bad you can’t uplink to a satelite …

@ Justin - Time to put it on KS and show all other watch projects how it should be done! :wink:

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