Project - DOM (DocumentObjectModel) Parser

I just posted DOM (DocumentObjectModel) Parser on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


@ Skewworks - very cool and very useful!

I am curious if we will soon see also the code from the Explorer

@ VB-Daniel - The browser requires a lot more than the DOM.

For example the browser needs:
Screen support
Touch support
Image control
Text blocks
Text boxes
Network control
Locks storage access

I’ve been working on the successor to Tinkr but uploading just the browser wouldn’t work because of all the support displaying controls needs. It’s not something you could just slap into any old project. With the DOM however it’s relatively easy to create a control in whatever system you’re using (glide, Clix, Tinkr).

@ Skewworks - OK, for me your posted Pictures have sparked a hope of more