Project - DNMF RTC Class

I just posted DNMF RTC Class on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Thanks for sharing.

Note that the proper name is NETMF, just so other users are not confused.

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I believe you have introduced a bug in setting the RTC registers directly, in your code the Acknowledge Clear (RTC_SCCR bit 0) is NOT cleared with the “new Register(0xFFFFFECC).ClearBits(0)” statement. This is described in Figure 15-2 in the SAM9x35 data sheet. This bug is at line #58 in your code. The ClearBits parameter is a mask not a bit number.

Also the snippet does not seem handle the MF_FRAMEWORK_V4_3 environment for accessing the RTC_SR register in line 55, or the required “using GHI.Processor;” statement.

By the way including the line numbers in the code snippet kind of forces one to reformat the snippet, somewhat time consuming.

I believe the “a little bit different from another source code in another thread in the forum” is from RobvanSchelven RTC code share entry, which I used for this comparison.