Project - DGPS RTCM NTRIP client

I just posted DGPS RTCM NTRIP client on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

Hello Daniel,

Looks like you missed include all the referenced projects. There is a project called “DebugPrint” that is missing, so I can’t compile or test your project. Please add that to the codeshare.

@ jgtech - thanx for the hint.
posted a code revision

Hello Daniel, Very interesting! Is there any type of simulator environment which I can compile & run this software to learn how this works without having all the physical components?

@ omnisoft - DGPS is a real time problem. The GPS module calculates the DGPS position so the software is only the junction between GPS and NTRIP server. Most NTRIP servers need the actually GPS position / NMEA-GGA message before they are sending correction data. So I don’t think its possible to emulate

Hello Daniel,

Please can you let me know how we can pass manual latitude and longitude to DGPS server and get the correct one?