Project - Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

This is my entry for the Halloween contest. Being from Norway we dont have a long tradition in Halloween props. The whole concept of Halloween is new to us it and havent been around for more than the last 5-10 years. So my entry may seem weak and pointless, but then again I feel no joy of scaring the shit out of my children (and then spending many nights comforting them afterwards). So I wanted to do something small and visual without servos and actuators and this is what I came up with.

The Crystal Ball of Horror
I started out buying a plastic ‘ball light fixture. And the plan was to add some RGB LEDs to give it an ambient ore. Then if I added a PIR motion sensor I could get some interaction. The new firmware release also gave me an option to add sound to the prop. The build is straight forward. A box made from plywood and painted. Then decorated with stuff from my wifes scrapbooking equipment. I personally like the touch of counseling the PIR sensor behind the keyhole, -that also limited the sensors field of reaction. I bought a $5,- amplifier and some RGB LEDs from eBay and put it all together.