Project - Cerb+N18+ROTATE DISPLAY

I just posted Cerb+N18+ROTATE DISPLAY on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


This should be called N18+Raptor+Rotated Display.

Fully functional on any processor that is not the Cerb. Unfortuanately, there is code in the Cerb firmware (for the Util.SetSpecialJazz(blahblah,notneeded) function that makes actually rotating the display impossible).

Anyways, this works.

This can be added to the new tracking system if you like.

@ Tempered Enterprises - Thank you for your persistence, it’s what open software is all about. I’ve added it to my list to review and reference in N18 documentation. I still think Gus’s suggestion regards adding it Tracker is good idea (!). That way people browsing tracker entries it will see the reference.