Project - Building an RFID Lock Controller with Gadgeteer

I just posted Building an RFID Lock Controller with Gadgeteer on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


@ Duke Nukem - I’ve been think of building something similar for a while. This has given me the inspiration to het on and do it.

You make me love gadgeteer even more than I already do. A fantastic demonstration.

Really nice! Built something similar before:

And I agree - great demo as always :clap:

I’ve been using RFID examples for a long time as demos in my presentations as Gadgeteer makes it so easy to build them and there is a certain cool factor with the RFID. I thought about adding a new twist to it as I believe that the Pet ID Chips are also readable at 125Khz, but wanted to use a simple topic like locks as this is a demo that I hope to use teaching kids very soon so I want to keep the design topics fairly simple like traffic lights etc. Hopefully I can get back to my Gadgeteer and Motors series now for a bit as I have 4 more videos to do for that.