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Project - Bluetooth driver


I just posted Bluetooth driver on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Thank you for the contribution.
Can you please give a short example how the driver/module is initialized in the Program.Started method and how it works in host mode.
Kind regards.


@ VB-Daniel:
I was able to get your code mostly working, but I could not get the Bluetooth.DataReceived event to fire, although the Bluetooth.BlueToothStateChanged event fired as expected.

Private Sub bluetooth_BluetoothStateChanged(sender As Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics.VAI_Bluetooth, btState As Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics.VAI_Bluetooth.BluetoothState) Handles bluetooth.BluetoothStateChanged
            Dim stat As String = ""
            Select Case btState
                Case VAI_Bluetooth.BluetoothState.Connecting
                    stat = ("Bluetooth connecting...")
                Case VAI_Bluetooth.BluetoothState.Connected
                    stat = ("Bluetooth connected!")
                Case VAI_Bluetooth.BluetoothState.Disconnected
                    stat = ("Bluetooth disconnected!")
                    ' never fires
                Case VAI_Bluetooth.BluetoothState.Initializing
                    stat = ("Bluetooth initializing!")
                Case VAI_Bluetooth.BluetoothState.Inquiring  ' in pariing mode
                    stat = ("Bluetooth inquiring!")
                Case VAI_Bluetooth.BluetoothState.Ready
                    stat = ("Bluetooth Ready!")
            End Select
            _btstate = btState
            Debug.Print("Bluetooth State Changed to :" & btState.ToString())
            Display(1, stat, Gadgeteer.Color.Yellow)
        End Sub
        Private _btstate As VAI_Bluetooth.BluetoothState

        Dim _received As Integer = 0
        Dim _matched As Integer = 0

        Private Sub bluetooth_DataReceived(sender As VAI_Bluetooth, data As String) Handles bluetooth.DataReceived
            data = data.Trim
            If data = "" Then Return
            Dim s As String = "Bluetooth data recieved:"
            If sender.IsConnected Then
                s = s & data
                s = "Bluetooth status " & data
            End If

            Display(3, s, Gadgeteer.Color.White)

        End Sub


@ rockybooth - oh i see…
The DataReceived event is a left part of the original driver. I want to delete this event. I’m not sure if everyone needs string data to receive. But reading the data to string means not binary data are allowed. So I decide everyone build his own data reader using the functions BytesToRead() an read().

thanx Daniel


@ RoSchmi - i will prepare a usage example next days…



@ VB-Daniel:
If you can pattern the Bluetooth driver after the VB serial port driver in regular VB.NET, then users may find it easier to implement. Having a DataReceived event I would put at the top of the list. After the event fires, then a ReadExisting, ReadLine, and the other methods (or some subset) of the SerialPort Class, could be used.
Just a suggestion…