Project - Android and Fez.Spider

Android and Fez.Spider

This project is a first attempt using a Android application. So who knows if it is done correctly. Seem to work though… I am using Basic4Android. There is a free version but it does not include the libraries so I’m not sure if my application will work on the free version.

I made the application to use my 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I have only provided the Android App for portrait display. Right now I am not sure how to scale the App for using Portrait AND Landscape. Next project.

I am using a bluetooth connection to the Android. Note that the communication over bluetooth is more than a bit sluggish so do not expect instant response to the commands sent to the Spider. I consider this code an experiment. I think i’ll try WiFly and see if the response time is better.

Maybe someone can use it as a basis for their needs.

NOTE: If you receive a Choose service without it showing a device I suggest that you unplug the Spider USB and then plug it back in again (See Img3.jpg).

There are two Spider applications. One uses the T35 with messages so you can see what the code is doing. The application that does not use the T35 has a better response time as would be expected.

There are 4 applications in the Zip files + several images.
There is no copyright on my portion of the code. Use as you want…

Usage is the code…

Have fun!

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